Nunamiut COVID PLAN 2020/2021

Posted on 08/31/2020
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Low Risk

Medium Risk

High Risk

Conditions For Learning

  • ●  Health and Safety


  • ●  Parent and Family


  • ●  Wrap Around


  • ●  Trauma- Informed

    and Social-


  • ●  Communication


Zero new cases of Covid-19 in Fairbanks over the past 14 days.

Mask wearing and social distancing relaxed, but still encouraged.

One new case of Covid-19 in Fairbanks over the past 14 days.

Mask wearing and social distancing required. Students 12 and under are strongly urged, but not required to wear masks.

All bus riders required to wear a mask and receive a temperature check. Students who have travelled outside the village in the past 14 days should be tested and quarantined until they return to school. Same restrictions for visiting adults. All adults and adult visitors required to wear masks.

Entire school deep- cleaned daily.

One new case of Covid-19 in Anaktuvuk Pass in the past 14 days.

This confirmed by direct notification to the Principal from Tanana Chiefs Medical Clinic.

No students allowed in the school.

Continuity of Learning

  • ●  Learning Gaps

  • ●  Interventions

  • ●  School Schedules

  • ●  Delivery Methods

  • ●  Professional


  • ●  Staffing

Regular classes five days a week, with the regular shorter sessions on Wednesdays. Zoom and in-person meetings will be for all staff meetings.

No classes larger than 15. AABB teaching format.
Wed, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. meetings with parents to provide direction for at-home students. Zoom meetings for all staff meetings.

Mondays, student homework packets will be delivered.
Zoom and Google classrooms will be offered if possible. Take home meals will be available.

Capacity of Learning ● Connectivity

● Student Activities ● Considerations

Gym night allowed. Audience for home games allowed. Other student and community activities allowed.

No gym night. No audience for home games. No funerals or other community events. Other student activities restricted. The community events for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be acted on separately.

No gym night. No sporting activities or practice. Other student activities will cease.