Alak School

Rick Rohlman - Principal

Principal Rick Rohlman taught elementary School for 9 years, Middle School for 9 years, High School for 4 years.  This is his 7th year as a principal.  His daughters live in Washington, Colorado and Alaska.  He has 2 granddaughters and 5 grandsons. His parents live in Soldotna.  His brothers and sisters live in Alaska, Washington and North Carolina.  After graduation from East Anchorage High School he worked and lived all over the state of Alaska.   He loves to hunt, fish, hike, ski and read.  Though not as active as in the past, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, 4x4 trucks and sports cars are still an interest.   


Rick Rohlman, Nunamiut School Principal




Regular School Hours:

8:00-9:00 Breakfast, Homeroom & Tutoring

9:00-11:30 Morning Instruction

11:30-12:00  Lunch

12:00-2:45 Afternoon Instruction

2:45-4:00  Teacher Collaboration, Planning, and Office Hours

Principal Office Hours

8 a.m. to 4:00pm. 

Nunamiut School

P.O. Box 21029, Anaktuvuk Pass, AK 99721
Phone: (907) 661-5800

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Welcome to Nunamuit School

Anaktuvuk Pass is home of the Nunamiut, the inland Eskimos. The village and the school were founded in the 1940s. Caribou hunting, fishing, and berry picking are important parts of our subsistence life. We are the Nunamiut Amaguqs. We are very proud of our student sports teams. Last year four Cross Country runners went to state, our Mixed-6 Volleyball team went to state, and was there during the 7.1 earthquake on November 30. We hosted the Regional Tournament and Prom last year, and our boys and girls basketball teams won at Regionals and went to state. Our Girls won the Academic Award and our boys took second place in a hard fought game. Our Robotics Team and our NYO Team also went to state.